Best Oil For Infiniti G35 – Recommended oil Types and Capacity

With a V6 engine and excellent drive, the Infiniti G35 comes with a great feature. This car is perfect for all, and you can accelerate rapidly. However, your Infiniti will perform like this forever if you maintain it frequently.

Oil changing is the most critical part of maintenance. It’s always challenging to select the correct oil for this Infiniti G35. One wrong decision can make your car performance poor. That’s why, before buying oil, you should know which oil is best for your Infiniti G35.

For that reason, after so much searching, we made a list of the perfect oil and comparison guide for Infiniti G35 oil changing. Please keep reading to know the best oil recommended for Infiniti G35.

Product Name Brand and Viscosity Size Value for money Price
Valvoline High Mileage Motor Oil Valvoline High Mileage Synthetic Blend Motor Oil Valvoline – 5w-30 8.22 x 4.6 x 12.66 inches Ratings – 4.8 Check Price
Oil Royal Purple API-Licensed Royal Purple – 5w-30 4.38 x 4.38 x 8.88 inches Ratings – 4.8 Check Price
Briggs Stratton Motor Oil Briggs & Stratton Synthetic Engine Motor OIL Briggs and Stratton – 5w-30 4.38 x 4.38 x 8.88 inches Ratings – 4.8 Check Price
Liqui Moly Motor Oil Liqui Moly (2011) Top Tec 4200 Liqui Moly – 5w-30 58-inch x 36-inch Ratings – 4.9 Check Price
Pennzoil Conventional Motor Oil Pennzoil Conventional Motor Oil Pennzoil – 10W-30 & 5W-30 32.16 cm x 20.83 cm Ratings – 4.8 Check Price
Castrol GTX Motor Oil Castrol GTX 10W-30 Motor Oil Castrol – 10w-30 & 5w-30 4.33 x 8.27 x 12.99 inches Ratings -4.8 Check Price
Mobil 1 Best Synthetic Motor Oil For Infiniti G35 Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil Mobil – 5w-30 4.4 x 8.1 x 12.66 inches Ratings – 4.9 Check Price

About Of Infiniti G35 Engine

Infiniti G35 compact car designed by Nissan’s Infiniti division from 2003-2008. Moreover, this is a well-known car in its class. Besides this, the G35 is a Motor Trends 2003 Car of the year. The rear-wheel-drive version means G35x has a five-speed manual transmission. And the V6 engine delivers strong acceleration.

The latest version of Sedan means four-door, and coupe means two-door is available on this car. Even so, both doors are convertibles. Sports car lovers love to know that in 2005 and 2007, this G35 got a new sportier look.

The G35s handling and steering are particular standouts. According to Automobile Magazine, this car comes with a neutral handlebar with an excellent grip. The transmission was the only thing that received various reviews. A vocal minority gets lacking automatic transmission. To avoid the automatics’ unpredictable nature, select the ideal manual gearbox.

Best Recommended Oil Types for Infiniti G35

For Infiniti G35, 5W-30 is suitable oil. But before using this type of oil, you should always check the car’s owner’s manual. Most importantly, after knowing the year of this car, you need to use this oil. Plus, if you want to keep your G35 running smoothly, predetermined service appointments are essential.

Infiniti G35 Oil Type Chart

Model and Preferred Oil Viscosity
2003 Infiniti g35 oil type is SAE 5W-30 and SAE 10W-30 viscosity for ambient temperatures above 0°F (−18°C). According to the 2003 Infiniti g35 owner manual.
2004 Infiniti g35 oil type is SAE 5W-30 and SAE 10W-30 viscosity for ambient temperatures above 0°F (−18°C). According to the 2004 Infiniti g35 owner manual.
2005 Infiniti g35 oil type is SAE 5W-30 and SAE 10W-30 viscosity for ambient temperatures above 0°F (−18°C). According to the 2005 Infiniti g35 owner manual.
2006 Infiniti g35 oil type is SAE 5W-30 and SAE 10W-30 viscosity for ambient temperatures above 0°F (−18°C). According to the 2006 Infiniti g35 owner manual.
2007 Infiniti g35 oil type is SAE 5W-30 and SAE 10W-30 viscosity for ambient temperatures above 0°F (−18°C). According to the 2007 Infiniti g35 owner manual.
2008 Infiniti g35 oil type is SAE 5W-30 and SAE 10W-30 viscosity for ambient temperatures above 0°F (−18°C). According to the 2008 Infiniti g35 owner manual.

After every 7,500-10,000 miles using the fully synthetic oil is best. On the other hand, using conventional oil for every 3,000-5000 miles is ideal. Usually, many unique cars work better with synthetic oil. Likewise, this stylish car also feels better gas mileage for using full synthetic oil.

owner guide

5W-30 oil helps your car’s engine keep adequately lubricated in winter. Because of its thinner viscosity, it delivers less friction between critical parts. Besides, branded lubricants give up to 2x extra protection and breakdown prevention.

Infiniti G35 Oil Filter And Capacity?

Eventually, we are giving this Infiniti G35 oil filter size below:

Outer Diameter = 2.685″ or about 68mm (Wix 51365 filter)

Remember that you don’t need any wrench if you want to off it. IN contrast, you only need the man’s hands, which is the best tool for it.

Wix XP is the only coil spring, and it’s not a leaf spring. On this oil filter, have one of two cotton gauge-like equipment. So, it comes with enough capacity from others. So, this is the best capacity after so much research we know.

The coupe 6MT has a 3.5-liter 293 horsepower V6 engine and a close-ratio six-speed manual transmission. A sport-tuned suspension is also standard.

7 Best Oil Recommended For Infiniti G35 Reviews

You can make the best decision if you can make a shortlist of your options. On the other hand, you can select the best one from our seven best oil recommended for Infiniti G35. It’s because we have made our list after searching for many products.

#1 – Valvoline High Mileage Motor Oil – Best for extreme condition

Valvoline High Mileage Motor Oil

Valvoline has been making the oils since 1920 in the USA. They always provide the number one oil globally, so chill. And, for your favorite Infiniti G35 car, you can use this oil.

For your Infiniti G35, we are coming with the best oil. Our first impression is Valvoline synthetic blend oil which is best for your Infiniti G35. Mainly, if your car can run 75,000 miles, it means it’s time to fight against engine wear. And it only can do Valvoline high mileage synthetic blend motor oil.

Valvoline High Mileage Motor Oil for nfiniti g35

It’s specially formulated to prevent breakdown, deposits, wear, sludge, and leaks from high mileage engines. Don’t worry about your car’s engine life because Valvoline is the only oil that can efficiently help your engine. In fact, in extreme situations, it can help get energy again of the machine to use this motor oil safely. In fact, it can protect the motor oil from breakdown.

Liquid Volume5 Quarts
LongevityCan burn in overtime
MaterialSynthetic blend motor oil
Weather conditionBest for extreme condition
Best of Years2003


  • Keep the tough engine safe
  • Lubricate the moving parts
  • Resists thermal breakdown
  • Prevent higher emissions


  • Can’t use for hot wheels

#2 – Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil – Editor’s Choices

Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil

Our 2nd recommended oil is Royal Purple, that’s best for Infiniti G35. In addition, this oil is motor oil, and its multi-viscosity oil is specially formulated. So, this oil is best for all kinds of engines or motors.

Similarly, you can easily use this oil in any diesel and gasoline engine, from trucks and cars to motorcycles, SUVs, and boats. Correspondingly, this Royal Purple motor oil has Synerlec ® additive tech. This unique technology can help to decrease friction. For that reason, your engine will give you the most prolonged and most outstanding performance.

Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil - Editor's Choices

That’s why your engine can stay calm and safe. This oil can protect your engine from corrosion to extend the engine life. Because of using this oil, you can increase the fuel economy and oil life and reduce emissions. You can pick this oil for your Infiniti G35 without any confusion.

Liquid Volume1 – 5 Quart
Mileage7,500 miles
LongevityCan be burn in over time
MaterialSynthetic motor oil
Weather conditionHot, and cool both


  • Enhanced protection against LSPI
  • Wear protection
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Increased compatibility


  • After two days, you need to ship

#3 – Briggs & Stratton Motor Oil – Best For All types of weathers

Briggs & Stratton Motor Oil

Adequately, to keep any engine healthy and robust, there are no options without it. To increase the engine life, fulfill the original material features, and give complete warranty coverage. Always try to use authentic parts, and you can take it from Briggs & Stratton. Briggs & Stratton is small engine oil designed to fulfill the demands of the 4-cycle engine.

This oil is high-quality detergent oil constructed by the API. Briggs & Stratton is high-quality SAE 5w-30 detergent oil. After using synthetic oil, your engine will be helpful to wear control under a harsh operating system. In contrast, synthetic oil has many “inherent strengths” and the ability to work at the highest level for a long time.

Regardless, this synthetic oil provides your engine with excellent thermal strength and outstanding low-temperature fluidity. Furthermore, you can feel better after using this oil because it offers trouble-free operation, better deposit and wear control, and more.

Liquid Volume32 Fluid Ounces
LongevityCan be burn-in over time
MaterialDetergent oil
Weather conditionAll types of weathers
Best of Years2003


  • Incredible oxidation stability,
  • Lower volatility
  • Curtail the risk of equipment failure
  • Reduce maintenance costs


  • Not best for all weather conditions

#4 – Liqui Moly Motor Oil – Another Best Oil For Infiniti G35

Liqui Moly Motor Oil

Over 4,000 products like transmission and motor oils, oil and fuel additives, car care, and more, LIQUI MOLY delivers top-quality unique products globally. Whether you need any services for bikes, commercial vehicles, cars, and more equipment, the problem-solvers are always ready to solve your problem.

In reality, we know you are coming here to search for the best oil for your Infiniti G35. Liqui Moly synthetic engine oil is one of them. Indeed, this all-season HC synthetic motor oil is best for gasoline and diesel-power passenger cars. In short, using HC technology ensures you special protection against wear.

Liqui Moly Motor Oil – Another Best Oil For Infiniti G35

As a result, your engine can run smoothly with longevity. If your car engine takes time to accelerate, you don’t need to worry about it after using this oil. Mainly, this oil is ideal for all weather conditions.

Liquid Volume5 Liter
LongevityCan be burn-in over time
Material100% Polyester
Weather conditionAll-weather conditions
Best of Years2006


  • Gives enough protection
  • Removes oil consumption
  • It comes with the latest additives
  • Top-quality motor oil


  • Nothing mentionable

#5 – Pennzoil Conventional Motor Oil

Pennzoil Conventional Motor Oil

Coming in fifth place is our fantastic product from the Pennzoil brand. For people searching for a product based on rating, Pennzoil conventional motor oil is the best. More than 6000 satisfied buyers, you must put this oil on your list. Pennzoil is best because it comes from gasoline and does not have any crude oil.

Automatically, this material creates their product one of the most demandable on the market. The 10w-30 conventional oil formula can keep your engines responsive and clean. Mainly, it can protect your engine from sludge. In that case, your engine lost power, so you cannot feel this issue anymore after using this oil.

Other leading motor oil cannot offer excellent wear protection like Pennzoil motor oil. In the final analysis, this oil can handle any extreme temperature level. Ergo, you can use your car in any weather for these features.

Viscosity5w-30 & 10w-30
Liquid Volume5 Liter
LongevityCan be burn-in over time
MaterialConventional oil
Weather conditionExtreme temperature


  • It helps to prevent sludge and deposits
  • Compatible with other conventional and engine seals
  • Offers easy handling
  • Can handle severe temperature


  • Quite expensive

#6 – Castrol GTX Motor Oil

Castrol GTX Motor Oil

As expected, you are coming here to pick the best oil for your Infiniti G35. Depending on your hopefulness, we are trying to make our list. Castrol GTX 10W-30 and 5W-30 motor oil is one of the best motor oil on our list. In a word, it comes with a TriSheild technology that provides excellent performance, which you are expecting.

This technology can enable to protect your engine from deposit formation. Over time, its deposits and reduces the oil flow. Your engine performance will be poor, and you can’t generate the proper amount of horsepower. After all, sludge will block the engine’s essential oil paths, such as cholesterol.

Above all, this Double Action formula can remove the sludge and ensure that your machine is in well every time. Frequently, this oil properly works under challenging situations. But, there is a common issue with many products: they break down in hot temperatures. In this situation, this Castrol GTX can resist those conditions with comfort.

Viscosity5w-30 and 10w-30
Liquid Volume1- 5 Liter
LongevityCan be burn-in over time
MaterialPremium-quality base oil
Weather conditionIntense conditions


  • Increase the engine life
  • Premium-quality base oils
  • It helps to lowest the oil consumption
  • Offers advanced protection


  • Not best for high-mileage car

#7 – Mobil 1 – Best Synthetic Motor Oil For Infiniti G35

Mobil 1 Best Synthetic Motor Oil For Infiniti G35

Here we will discuss another product that is a world-renowned brand. Although they are not taking in the top place, they provide a good product. Mobil 1 5w-30 refined motor oil comes for those who want to expand the vehicle’s engine life.

Initially, this oil offers excellent engine protection from 5 reasons that harm engines over time. Notably, it also can protect the engine parts about 10,000 miles between oil changes. Another noticeable feature is using this oil in gasoline and diesel engines.

Mobil 1 Best Synthetic Motor Oil For Infiniti G35

It also fulfills every industry requirement, ideal for all recent design vehicles. Specifically, this oil has two main features. First, it can increase engine health and reduce emissions to curtail air pollution. Second, the catalytic converters have poisonous fumes; this can decrease them too.

Liquid Volume5 Quart
Mileage15,000 miles
LongevityCant burn
Material100% Polyester
Weather conditionAll-weather conditions


  • Includes a limited warranty
  • Decreases emissions
  • Expand drain intervals
  • Expand engine life


  • Leaking bottles

Infiniti g35 oil change

Infiniti g35 oil change The Infiniti G35 oil change is pretty simple. I have embedded some videos below to show you how to do it. All you need is some fresh oil, a new oil filter, and a few basic tools.

2003 infiniti g35 oil change

2004 g35 oil change Video

2005 g35 oil change

2008 g35 oil change

Final Verdict:

Ultimately, our complete list of best oil recommended for Infiniti G35. Still, need more time to think? You can if you want. But, we ensure you that all of these oils have been formulated to increase the performance of your engine. Plus, all of this oil can also help your engine leads at a fundamental level, even for Infiniti G35.

Without any doubt, we go for the Castrol motor oil if you need any recommendation from us for your Infiniti G35. Correspondingly, it has no drawbacks, and it’s rare to find this type of oil.

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