Best Batteries For BMW 328i [ Top 5 Picks ]

Wouldn’t it be bad for you to have to stop for a long time on your BMW 328i? The battery in your car gives your car the energy it needs to start up electrical parts. It also converts chemical energy into the electricity that runs your car and gives voltage to the starter, which starts it, so your car can start.

You’ll also find that it stabilizes the voltage of your engine (or energy supply). The significance of this is clear. Batteries can be added to the BMW 328i in several ways. We have done our extensive research took user experience into consideration before we came up with these five batteries for the BMW 328i.

What size battery does BMW 328i take?

Batteries are appropriately matched to the power requirements of the vehicle by manufacturers. Batteries that are too large can cause your alternator’s heat and wear to accelerate. If your car’s battery is too small, you run the risk of having trouble starting the vehicle. Usually, the BMW 328i prefers the usage of H7 batteries. But all the battery providers don’t produce batteries by the same standards. The H7 batteries can be equivalent to 49H8 and 93-1 batteries. So, you may consider buying batteries having these mentioned sizes.

5 Best battery for BMW 328i

Decision-making is difficult if you don’t have shortlisted some among thousands of products out there in the market. We have shortlisted some best batteries for your convenience.

1 – Duralast Platinum EFB Battery H7-EFB

Duralast Platinum EFB Battery H7

Duralast Platinum EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) batteries are better than ordinary batteries because they are made for today’s high-performance cars. Duralast Platinum EFB batteries have a better design that makes them easier to charge and last longer. This model is one of the best batteries for BMW 328i 2008.

At a low charge level, the main benefits of EFB technology are that it can accept more charges and that it can last more cycles (typical of Stop-Start applications).


Voltage: 12VDC
Battery Types: Starting
Warranty: 3 Year Warranty

  • They have batteries that can last 1.5 times longer than normal ones.nIncreases battery life by using a unique carbon compound for faster recharging, which lasts longer.nA new kind of technology for cars that have high-performance extras.nA thicker negative grid and a more positive grid make it more resistant to corrosion, making it more useful.
  • Overheating issues.

2 – Excide Edge 94R AGM Battery

Excide Edge 94R AGM Battery

The Exide Edge AGM battery is made with the most recent technology for absorbing glass mats (AGM). With SureLife Graphite Technology, this battery is the only one that lasts longer than other AGM batteries and also discharges at the same rate for a long time. Because hybrid and start-stop cars are becoming more popular, and battery life is getting shorter, Exide has responded to the market demand for its Edge product line by making it. This breakthrough in AGM technology was made possible by government rules and rising gas prices. It was considered to be the best battery for BMW 328i 2007.

One of the batteries in the Excide Edge 94R has been around for a long time now. A BMW battery made by a well-known company like Exide is a good choice.

It is well-known that Exide does a lot of battery testing before it sells its products to the general public. Most of the time, this battery has good specs, and many of them match those of the battery that came with the BMW.


Cranking Amps: 960A
Capacity: 80 Ah
Battery Type: AGE
Length: 12.38″
Height: 7.5″
Width: 6.88

  • 800 CCA for easy start-upnNo maintenancenSpill-proof
  • May fail after a year

3 – ACDelco Gold 48AGM BCI Group 48 Battery

ACDelco Gold 48AGM BCI Group 48 Battery

AGM batteries are among the most popular ones in the BMW 328i series. AGM batteries have features like automated Stop/Start and Regenerative Braking. These features make them the best for high-tech cars like Mercedes.

The manufacturers have integrated built-in separators to lower the internal resistance when required. This helps improve cycling performance as well as faster recharge acceptance.

When looking for the best battery for a 2011 BMW 328i, the AGM batteries are is a great option. It can be used for high-end cars with many electrical accessories, performance cars that need better cyclability, and stop-start systems.

For “start/stop” cars, ACDelco Professional Automotive AGM Batteries are very important. They have good cyclic characteristics and are very good at taking charge. If you want to run your 2011 BMW, this is the best battery for you to use!


Product Dimensions:‎11.9 x 7.5 x 7.6 inches
OEM Part Number: 88864541
Voltage:‎12 Volts

  • Without a cable, it can be purchased.nThe AGM conceptna guarantee of three yearsnAlloys are used to enhance the performance of vehicles.
  • The battery tends to form rusts after 2 months of usage. .

4 – Optima Batteries D34/78 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

Optima Batteries D3478 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

The OPTIMA YellowTop high-performance AGM battery is one of only a few on the market that can be used for both your car and your motorcycle.

It’s great for cars with many extras. Because it has a lot of power to start and can be recharged. Extreme fans might use OPTIMA products because they have been making new technology and engineering for 40 years. This model is the best battery for 2009 BMW 328i.

It takes two lead plates to make spiral-wound cells in OPTIMA batteries. The layer of lead oxide on each plate is just right. A positive and a negative-coated plate is used in this study.

People who make spiral winding continuous lead plates for AGM batteries are much more precise and expensive than people who make flat plate batteries. Automated cell-winding equipment is needed to ensure quality and performance are not harmed. Temperatures, humidity levels, and automated processes are checked and kept up to date all the time.


Weight: 43.5 pounds
Dimensions: 10 x 6.88 x 7.8 inches
Manufacturer Part Number: 8014045
OEM Part Number: 8014-045
Voltage: 12 Volts

  • SpiralCell TechnologynReserve capacity of 100 minutesn12 volts and 800 CCA
  • The voltage may seem to go up and down after one month of usage.

5 – AutoCraft Gold 94R Battery

AutoCraft Gold 94R Battery

Since 2002, AutoCraft has been manufacturing 94R batteries for the BMW 328i series. Batteries from Autocraft Gold are designed to provide optimal starting power in any weather condition. To ensure a quick start every time, Autocraft Gold batteries are intended to meet or surpass the manufacturer’s power (CCA) specifications for your vehicle.

Automotive batteries manufactured by Autocraft Gold are designed to provide optimal starting power in any environment or driving condition. That means you can take a deep breath and know that you’ll be able to start your car even if it’s freezing outside. A rapid start is guaranteed every time with Autocraft Gold automotive batteries since they meet or exceed the manufacturer’s power (CCA) specifications for your vehicle.

Features of the product: Engineering utilizes PowerFrame positive grid technology that essentially avoids premature failure and is up to 66% more effective at resisting corrosion compared to conventional grid designs. Designed to meet or surpass the power needs of car starters. In terms of ease, there’s nothing to worry about. Three years of free replacement. Advance Auto Parts has a wide selection of Automotive Batteries goods that may be picked up in-store.


Cranking Amps: 950A
Cold CA: 800 A
Capacity: 80 Ah
Reserve Capacity (RC): 130 min
Battery Type: Lead Acid
Dimensions: Length: 12 7/16 in, Height: 7 1/2 in, Width: 6 15/16 in

  • Positive grid technologynThe power frame manufacturing technology has been used here.
  • The battery is a short-tempered one.


u003cstrongu003eIs it necessary to program BMW batteries?u003c/strongu003e

The battery management system is programmed, not the battery itself. Depending on the new battery’s specifications, the device is configured to recognize that it has a new battery. BMW’s battery management system regulates and monitors the battery’s charging; therefore, this is required.

u003cstrongu003eHow long is the battery life of a BMW 328i?u003c/strongu003e

A BMW 328i battery typically lasts between three and five years; however, this might vary based on the weather, the type of battery, the driver’s behavior, and other factors.

u003cstrongu003eHow much does a battery cost for a BMW 328i?u003c/strongu003e

Replacement of the battery in a BMW 328i is estimated to be around $300. Between $96 and $120 in labor expenditures and $180 in parts are expected.

u003cstrongu003eDoes BMW need a particular battery?u003c/strongu003e

Car batteries of the conventional variety are suitable for most BMWs. If your car doesn’t have a start-stop system or other high-tech features, you don’t need a BMW battery.

Final Verdict

We have laid before you the reviews on the best five batteries for BMW 328i. Each one can be a good buy, but ACDelco Gold 48AGMis the best among them, considering all features and longevity.

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