Best Battery For Honda Cbr600rr

Hondacbr600rr is a racing bike and is for riders who feel the highest amount of connection with their motorcycles. Since the greater the connection you have with the bike, it will be a higher rewarding experience.

Moreover, the bike has a strong appearance which makes it look attractive & when we consider the cost of the bike is extremely expensive, but it can be used for a prolonged period. Hence, any vehicle requires maintenance to occur & Hondacbr600rr is no exception especially when we consider the battery because there is a limited usage period.

Through this article, it will be explained on the factors to consider while choosing the battery for Hondacbr600rr & the comparisons among the best batteries that are currently available in the market which will help you to make your decision easier to select the best battery for Hondacbr600rr.

Comparison Table

Product NameSizeWarranty
Yuasa YTZ10S5.91 x 3.43 x 3.66 inches2 years
Mighty Max Battery YTZ10S5.90 x 3.42 x 3.74 inches1-year
Powerstar Replacement YTZ10S6 x 3.4 x 3.7 inches2 years
Caltric AGM Battery5.95 x 3.4 x 3.7 inches2 to 6 months
Mighty Max 190CCA Gel Battery5.90 x 3.42 x 3.74 inches1-year
Poweroad YGZ1055.90 x 3.4 x 3.7 inches2 years
Bosch M60115.90 x 3.46 x 3.66 inches1 year
Varta 5089010155.90 x 3.42 x 3.66 inches1 year
Motobatt MBTZ10S5.94 x 3.42 x 3.74 inches2 years
Exide AGM12-85.90 x 3.54 x 3.74 inches1 year
Powerline5.90 x 3.42 x 3.66 inches  1 year
Enduroline5.94 x 3.42 x 3.74 inches2 years

What size battery does CBR600RR take?

CBR600RR battery size does not vary extensively but it is quite like the models that came through over the years. Because it remains quite constant in terms of dimensions which allows multiple brands to enter the market to cater to CBR600rr battery:

Best battery for Honda CBR600RR

Hondacbr600rr is a sports bike which is used for racing purposes & it being such a branded or prestigious bike certainly requires the best battery to function effectively so it can be used over a prolonged period. Hence, we have mentioned below the top 5 best batteries that can be utilized for Hondacbr600rr:

1 – Yuasa YTZ10S

The main reason to choose Yuasa YTZ10S since it enables to have a longer battery life through volume efficiency. The special active material helps to withstand vibration and increase the battery life along with ensuring a reliable starting power but powerstar, as well as caltric, does not provide a similar benefit.

Yuasa YTZ10S

The unique expanded plate design helps to maximize starting power and withstand the level of vibration, so this is a similar feature between Yuasa YTZ10S & Mighty Max battery. The main feature which differentiates Yuasa YTZ10S is that the absorbed glass matt separators help to absorb electrolytes and make it spill proof, also the valve helps to eliminate the loss of water along with the necessity for refiling. It is more popular because of its exceptional quality & positive reviews from consumers.

Yuasa YTZ10S

The key specifications that will encourage consumers to buy would be protection against leakage or corrosion and help to achieve additional strength along with durability.

Features and Benefits:
  • It helps to protect against fuel, and oil to withstand vibration.
  • Provides a massive level of protection during extreme conditions.
  • Based on a consumer review where the battery does not last for 6 months.
Best Battery For Honda cbr600rr

Around 84% of consumers have reviewed the product as 5 stars as per the product is of superior quality and easy to install.

2 – Mighty Max Battery YTZ10S

The important reason to choose Mighty Max Battery YTZ10S is that it has a higher discharge rate which helps to operate in different temperatures. It also helps to provide longer life in terms of service when compared to Powerstar and Caltric.

Mighty Max Battery YTZ10S

A similarity between Yuasa and Mighty Max Battery YTZ10S is that it helps to provide higher performance during extreme conditions. The factor which differentiates Mighty Max Battery YTZ10S is that the sealed safety valve helps to relieve excess pressure. It is popular because of the brand name and features it provides so consumers would be interested to purchase it.

Mighty Max Battery YTZ10S

A consumer would purchase Mighty Max Battery YTZ10S because it assures maximum conductivity which helps them to understand that it is a reliable product since it provides assurance.

Feature and Benefits:
  • Provides greater strength and capacity for cooler temperatures.
  • The regulation of design helps to eliminate fluid and is not necessary to refill with Acid.
  • Some of the consumers reviewed that it is not a product that is value for money
Best Battery For Honda cbr600rr

In a total of 105 reviews on Amazon, around 70% have reviewed it as a 5-star & the product is price convenient.

3- Powerstar Replacement YTZ10S

There is an important reason to choose Powerstar Replacement YTZ10S because it helps to provide stable and reliable performance by withstanding overcharge or shock. It also helps to ensure no electrolyte leakage can occur from the terminals through unique construction and sealing technique which is not possible to take place through Mighty Max battery YTZ10S and Mighty Max Gel.

Powerstar Replacement YTZ10S

A similar feature between Powerstar Replacement and Yuasa is that it has an AGM system to absorb sufficient electrolytes, so it avoids any leakages. The significant difference between Powerstar Replacement YTZ10S is that the batteries are incorporated through a unique design that effectively controls the generation of gas. The reason that it is famous is that it provides good quality with a 2-year warranty & a convenient price.

The key feature that would encourage a consumer to buy would be a maintenance-free operation because there is no need to check the gravity of the electrolyte or in other words no maintenance service.

Feature & Benefits:
  • It has a low-pressure venting system
  • Higher recovery capability
  • As per a consumer review that the product does not last for a prolonged period.
  • Compared to other brands, this product has more negative 1-star reviews.
Powerstar Replacement YTZ10S

Overall, the consumers on Amazon have reviewed the product as a good quality product & 66% have given 5 stars which is more moderate.

4 – Caltric AGM Battery

The reason to select Caltric AGM Battery is that it helps to provide a higher level of performance. It is slightly better than unpopular batteries because it helps to attain maintenance-free over the usage of battery. In terms of similarities where Caltric and Powerstar have more of a maintenance-free approach to the battery & not even the necessity for water.

Caltric AGM Battery

The significant difference between Caltric AGM Battery is that it is compatible with different Honda models which makes it easier for the consumer if they have several types of bikes. It is not immensely popular, but a fair amount of recognition takes place through the positive amount of consumer reviews.

For a consumer to purchase the product, the main feature they investigate is the reliable performance it provides & helps to avoid any leakages of oil through the AGM feature.

Features & Benefits:
  • Maintenance not required
  • Higher level of performance
  • The lower level of popularity.
  • Customer expectation of battery lasting longer is less.
  • A comparatively lower level of benefits.

5 – Mighty Max 190CCA Gel Battery

The main reason to choose Mighty Max 190CCA Gel Battery is that it helps to achieve long-lasting performance in high or low levels of temperatures. It is better than ordinary batteries since it does not require maintenance to take place. It has a similarity to Yuasa since both help to withstand shock or vibration.

Mighty Max 190CCA Gel Battery

The distinguished difference between Mighty Max 190CCA Gel Battery is that it is extremely environmentally friendly where it does not leave pollution to the environment. It is less popular than its competitor products because of a higher number of negative reviews such as bad batteries.

The key component that will allow consumers to purchase the product is that it allows having a prolonged span of battery usage, especially through a higher level of electrolytes.

Features & Benefits:
  • Factory-activated gel battery
  • No acid pack needed
  • A higher number of 1-star negative reviews
  • The lower level of popularity
  • Low level of benefits

Mighty Max 190CCA Gel Battery has received positive reviews on Amazon as a good product but it has received plenty of negative reviews where the consumer had referred to it as a “bad battery”

How To Change Honda cbr600rr battery

Honda cbr600rr batteries are not hard to change. You can find a simple guide in the video below. With this guide, you can easily change your battery in no time.


Through this article, it can be derived that the best battery out of the 5 would be Yuasa YTZ10S because it acts as protection during extreme conditions & helps to withstand vibration. Moreover, the consumer reviews on Amazon were comparatively higher than on other products.

Furthermore, any consumer would always expect the bike to perform at its best without any hiccups & when considering that, the battery is an essential component for the bike to perform at its best. Hence, Mighty Max Battery YTZ10S provides the benefit that the battery can be used over a prolonged period so which allows to not frequently change the batteries. Due to it is the second best out of the above list that was discussed.

The two of the above are the best batteries that can be used in Hondacbr600r.