Yamaha R3 Oil Change And Capacity Guide

Yamaha R3 is a vehicle which is of luxurious standards, so maintenance is an essential component for its longevity of it. It would be a no-brainer for someone who uses/ purchased it recently to consider that it is in standard condition & be made sure that it remains the same way because neglecting the maintenance would impact the overall performance, also would occur further expenses to repair it

Hence the probable solution is to make sure that the vehicle is in standard condition by changing the oil during respective timelines & changing the filter as well. 

How to check the oil level on Yamaha R3 Oil

Usually, the owners of Yamaha R3 check the oil by running the engine, so the oil gets warmed up, then by shutting off the engine would help the oil to settle for a few minutes & afterward it is best to check the oil level. Moreover, it should be between the upper & lower-level marks.

It is also important to drain some oil if it is not being seen properly by the owner or if it has not been changed for some time, then it would be advisable to change & start off with fresh oil 

Yamaha R3 oil change – Necessary Parts and Tools

It is indeed very important to make the oil change in Yamaha R3 to avoid malfunctions to occur that would allow smooth functioning of the vehicle. Moreover, it is evident that there needs to be certain parts or tools to be involved when executing R3 oil change: 

Parts that are required

  1. Gloves 
  2. 12mm socket 
  3. Oil filter wrench 
  4. Oil Pan 
  5. 2.2 quarts of oil 

Tools that are required

  1. Torque wrench 
  2. Replacement oil filter 
  3. Funnel 
  4. Drain plug 

Yamaha R3 oil capacity 

In terms of the Yamaha R3 oil capacity, where if we are using 10W40 Motorcycle oil, it would require about 2.2 quarts of oil. To further elaborate, where 1 quart = 0.95ltr

  • 2013 Yamaha R3 oil Capacity –  2.2 quarts 
  • 2015 Yamaha R3 oil Capacity – 2.2 quarts 
  • 2016 Yamaha R3 oil Capacity – 2.2 quarts 
  • 2017 Yamaha R3 oil Capacity – 2.2 quarts 
  • 2018 Yamaha R3 oil Capacity – 2.2 quarts 
  • 2019 Yamaha R3 oil Capacity – 2.2 quarts 
  • 2020 Yamaha R3 oil Capacity – 2.2 quarts
  • 2023 Yamaha R3 oil Capacity – 2.2 quarts 

Yamaha R3 oil change intervals

Before we find out what oil should be used to replace in Yamaha R3, it is important to identify when to change the oil 

In the manual of Yamaha R3 which states that the oil needs to be changed every 1000, 3000 & 5000 km 

DPF Regeneration System 

It is the process of cleaning & emptying a Diesel filter. Moreover, in a DPF system, the fuel is included on the cylinders during the exhaust stroke. The fuel flows down to the oil & helps to dilute it. 

  • During the process of DPF regeneration cycle, the EGR – where the valve is opened 
  • This allows hot air exhaust into the engine to increase EGTs, which further makes the DPF to heat up 
  • From the time DPF has heated up which leads to combustion exhaust stroke where the injectors of fuel produces a mist into the combustion chamber that is included in the exhaust system 
  • The collaboration of high EGTs along with the fuel would help to burn soot out of the DPF to clean it 
  • The computer sensors where the soot in the DPF burns out enough, then it eventually ends the regeneration cycle 

The engine components that require clean oil to make sure the vehicle functions properly so getting fuel with diluted oil helps it 

In a 10W40 oil, it is important to change the oil when it surpasses 1000 km which is a milestone that should be notified to change the oil 

1000 km Yamaha R3 oil change 

Firstly it is important to have a baseline & if you have purchased it newly then it is optional to change the oil right away. 

Secondly after the execution of baseline change & whenever the odometer possesses around 1000 km then the change needs to occur

This approach gives following benefits:

  1. There is consistency in changing the oil & its not too much but rather enough number of times, oil is changed 
  2. Once you prioritize the number of times, oil is changed. It is easier since there is an appropriate timeline 

Suitable oil for Yamaha R3 

There are several articles which represent the oil that can be used for Yamaha R3 but according to me the appropriate oil to use is 10W40 Motorcycle oil. The following criteria that can be followed when purchasing oil for the vehicle: 

  1. Does the oil that you use have the correct amount of weight or viscosity? 
  2. Does it fit on your budget? 
  3. Is it available in the market? 
  4. Do you follow timelines in changing the oil regularly?

Yamaha R3 oil type and Weight/Viscosity

It is highly suggested to use Mobil Racing 4T 10W40 Motorcycle oil for Yamaha R3

As previously discussed DPF, where recirculation of soot & introduction of fuel into oil means that Yamaha R3 requires a great standard of oil for it to dilute. 

Freezing temperature 10W40 oil Compatibility 

The following is how Mobil 1 motor oil performs and protects your engine in colder climates. Eventually your engine is vulnerable at startup, that is when it is really important for the oil to keep flowing. There are instances during cold weather, which can cause oil to flow slowly so it will take a toll on your engine. Hence I have hereby shared a guide below: 

  • 10W40 – for temperatures as low as – 40` F  (Alaska)
  • 5W40 – for temperatures as low as -30` F 
  • 0W40 – for temperatures as low as -40` F & withstand high temperatures up to 500` F 

Top 3 Recommended oil for Yamaha R3 

  • Best High Mileage – Mobil 10W40
  • Best Long Engine Life – Mobil Super 10W40 
  • Best Performance oil – Mobil 1 Racing 10W40

Yamaha R3 oil change cost

Yamaha R3 oil change is a mandatory thing to be executed, hence we will be explaining below on how much it would cost: 

  • Oil filter – roughly $5-10 
  • Oil gasket/ washer – $5 
  • Oil – 2.2 Quarts around $50

In general, the oil change is not that expensive, which requires some attention, especially when changing the oil. Since that would consume some time but it’s way cheaper than informing a mechanic to replace the oil

Roughly it is possible to estimate around $65 since the first-year service usually happens after the vehicle has crossed 1000 km, following the second service happens when the vehicle surpasses 3,000 km & after 5,000 km. 

The above are the timelines, the owner has to be updated by when they should change the oil because it significantly plays a major role in the life span of the vehicle. 

Yamaha R3 Oil Change

Yamaha R3 oil filter Details

Yamaha oil Filter size 

In terms of the Yamaha R3 oil filter details, which will be explained below: 

Firstly, it is always important to consider when we are changing the oil & the oil filter. It’s often better to have a rear stand when changing the filter because it’s comparatively more stable & it makes the bike more upright. Moreover, it is far more suitable for the task we are going to execute since it helps to drain the oil and makes it easier. 

Also, it is possible to execute the task of oil filtering by not removing any fairings, but it is optional if needed to remove the fairings which provides more spacious to work with. As I have signified a red color arrow which directs to the point where filter process needs to be executed & the yellow arrow signifies the point where the existing oil has to be drained out 

Yamaha R3 oil filter Details

Yamaha R3 oil Drain Plug Details

Yamaha R3 Drain Plug size 

This is also another process that includes & requires the person to be extra careful when draining the oil because it could cause side effects, if it strikes on your skin, so it’s better to wear gloves. Once the basic process of wearing the gloves, the following would be to make sure that your vehicle engine has to be warmed up before making an oil change. Since it warms up the oil, it would flow better & it makes sure to collect whatever wastage that remains at the bottom in order to flow out with the existing oil. 

If an instance where still the engine is cold, then run it until 3 bars are shown on dash temperature displays. Following that make sure you lay the oil pan below the bike & loosen the drain bolt with the socket. This is the most important area where you need to wear your gloves because nobody wants to get hot oil in their hands, especially because it could cause harmful irritation on your skin, so it’s best not to get it on your skin. 

Furthermore, remove the oil filter but there are instances where it could be a lot tighter so it’s better to use a filter wrench. When removing the old filter, make sure that you do remove the old gasket & not to leave it stuck to the bike. A bad oil leak occurs mainly when inserting a new filter while the old gasket is still stuck on the bike. Also try to leave it for a few minutes so everything will be drained out slowly & steadily, as well as try to shake the bike back and forth so it would comparatively drain a bit more. 

Finally, now we move into the phase of the drain plug where we usually remove the old washer from the drain plug & insert a new one. Moreover, thread it back to the bike & torque it to less than 25Nm. That’s not much so it’s important that you try not to over do it hence it would not strip the threads, especially the aluminum drain plug since they are comparatively easier to strip. How to do an oil and filter change on the Yamaha R3 / MT-03

How To Change Yamaha R3 Oil Step By Step

Currently, it is quite common to change the oil on Yamaha R3 so I have hereby mentioned the following steps that can be undertaken when executing the oil change: 

Step 1 – to run the engine for a few minutes in order to heat the oil a little which helps to make the texture thinner so it can easily flow out 

Step 2 – remove the fill cap for it to vent as the oil drains out 

Step 3 – find the drain bolt underneath the vehicle & place the pan. Following that remove the drain bolt with a socket & let the oil drain out for a few minutes

Step 4 – replace the drain bolt & torque them 

Step 5 – remove the existing oil filter with a wrench 

Step 6 – Insert the new oil filter & thread it without over-tightening it 

Step 7 – Fill the engine with 10w40 Motorcycle oil & the Yamaha R3 takes around 2 quarts of oil 

Step 8 – then replace the oil cap & run the engine for a few minutes which will help to function the oil. Afterward, turn off the engine for a few minutes which would help the oil to settle in. 

Yamaha R3 Oil Change Video


In conclusion, it is very significant to follow the above set of instructions or processes when changing oil. Because changing is a mandatory approach where certain timelines have to be followed in understanding when the oil has to be changed as well as it is simultaneously important to consider the safety precautions, which would certainly help when changing the oil 

Moreover, as it was mentioned above the oil changing process needs to happen since it directly reflects as maintenance as there is a large amount being spent in purchasing the vehicle & the ultimate motive is to use it for a long period of time so definitely understanding the process in how to change the oil, following the timelines & executing it correctly without any oil leakages would help the vehicle to be used for a longer period of time. 

Finally, it is very much advisable for someone who has understanding in order to change the oil for Yamaha R3 since as I mentioned that it is definitely costly due it would be best to reduce mishaps to occur.