KLR 650 Oil Change & Capacity Guidelines

KLR650 is a racing bike that certainly costs quite a sum of money so it is the responsibility of the user to take care of the bike by using the correct type of oil. Because not using oil or the right type of oil, will make the bike not perform at its extent and would require repairs to be executed. Hence to avoid those, it is advisable to use the right type of oil for KLR650.

It is somewhat costly to replace oil at a dealership because mainly the labor charges will be included & if there are additional charges for maintenance so it is cheaper to replace the oil by yourself because the cost would be to only purchase the oil. Furthermore, In this article, it will be explained below step by step process of how you can change the oil on KLR650.

Moreover, it is important to note that while replacing oil it is mandatory to assist yourself with tools, kits & guidelines which will be further explained in the latter part of this article. Hence please refer to the end to get an understanding of how to replace oil for KLR650.

KLR650 Oil Capacity

The KLR650 requires an oil capacity of around 2.6 quarts if 10w40 oil is being used. However, the process of draining oil needs to take place before proceeding with the new type of oil so the process will be explained in detail on the following topics.

For the moment, the below chart will be a comparison of oil being used with a filter vs non-filter approach for the models that were launched from the year 1994 to 2023:

Models of year Oil capacity [with filter]Oil capacity [without filter]
1994 klr 650 oil capacity2.2L (2.3 US qt)2.5L (2.6 US qt)
2000 klr 650 oil capacity2.2L (2.3 US qt)2.5L (2.6 US qt)
2001 klr 650 oil capacity2.2L (2.3 US qt)2.5L (2.6 US qt)
2002 klr 650 fork oil capacity2.2L (2.3 US qt)2.5L (2.6 US qt)
2003 klr 650 fork oil capacity2.2L (2.3 US qt)2.5L (2.6 US qt)
2004 klr 650 oil capacity2.2L (2.3 US qt)2.5L (2.6 US qt)
2005 klr 650 fork oil capacity2.2L (2.3 US qt)2.5L (2.6 US qt)
2006 klr 650 oil capacity2.2L (2.3 US qt)2.5L (2.6 US qt)
2007 klr 650 engine oil capacity2.2L (2.3 US qt)2.5L (2.6 US qt)
2008 klr 650 fork oil capacity2.2L (2.3 US qt)2.5L (2.6 US qt)
2009 kawasaki klr 650 oil capacity2.2L (2.3 US qt)2.5L (2.6 US qt)
2010 klr 650 oil capacity2.2L (2.3 US qt)2.5L (2.6 US qt)
2011 klr 650 oil capacity1.9L (2.0 US qt)2.0L (2.1 US qt)
2012 klr 650 oil capacity1.9L (2.0 US qt)2.0L (2.1 US qt)
2013 kawasaki klr 650 oil capacity1.9L (2.0 US qt)2.0L (2.1 US qt)
2014 klr 650 oil capacity1.9L (2.0 US qt)2.0L (2.1 US qt)
2015 klr 650 oil capacity1.9L (2.0 US qt)2.0L (2.1 US qt)
2016 klr 650 oil capacity1.9L (2.0 US qt)2.0L (2.1 US qt)
2017 klr 650 oil capacity1.9L (2.0 US qt)2.0L (2.1 US qt)
2018 klr 650 oil capacity1.9L (2.0 US qt)2.0L (2.1 US qt)

KLR650 Oil Change Interval

For the engine to function properly, maintaining the engine oil is important while making sure it is at the correct level. Moreover, the oil has to be changed and replaced with the oil filter in accordance with the maintenance chart. Since by using the oil for too long would lead to the collection of dirt & the oil loses its lubricative quality.

Moreover, oil is usually changed by checking on the inspection window & by assessing viscosity because the environment temperature can quickly affect the thickness of the oil.

The majority of the individuals & some experts have stated that they tend to change oil at 5,000kms because they face that the gear shifts tend to miss if the oil is not being changed at the right timeline. Please access below the stats in terms of the oil change intervals:

Model Oil Change Interval Valve Interval Oil Usage 
1984 KLR600A 5,0005,0002.0L
2007 KLR650A 10,00010,0002.5L
1991 KLR650B 10,00010,0002.5L
1994 KLR650C 10,00020,0002.5L
2018 KLR650E 12,00024,0002.0L

Best Oil for KLR 650

The following are some of the things that should be considered before purchasing engine oil & it has been discussed the important things that can help you to go for the right type of oil for your vehicle engine. Because choosing the wrong type of engine oil could harm the performance of your vehicle. Hence, please find below some of the factors:

  • Model of vehicle

Firstly it is important to consider the type in terms of the model of your vehicle. Because some engines do cater to high performance so by using the right type of oil would enhance the performance.

  • Weather conditions

It is important to consider the weather conditions before purchasing the engine oil because countries do possess different types of seasons that contrast quite differently especially summer & winter so using the right type of oil will help the vehicle to tolerate the different types of weather conditions.

  • Components of oil

While understanding the components of oil, it is possible to go for either mineral or synthetic which will possess different pros and cons.

  • Oil Viscosity

When comparing different engine oil products, they do represent letters & each letter does represent the viscosity along with the type of resistance for the oil to flow. Hence this is an important factor, especially during different weather conditions.

Additional considerations while choosing the right type of oil:

  • Oil Standards

While reading the label closely, it presents the acronyms that the product can meet the requirements mentioned by appropriate authorities. Hence, it also presents whether the specifications meet the requirements or exceed so this is an additional factor that can be considered.

  • Cost

Cost is also another factor that can be considered but usually, individuals look for oil that is suitable & provides good quality so they don’t necessarily compromise in terms of cost.

  • KLR650 Oil Viscosity:

According to the manual which states for KLR650, 10W40 can be used with a type that varies from API, SG to SH. However, the below chart, it will be mentioned the other alternatives which people use for KLR650:

FhuqKf 0r0D7TWRS 4tzzXKayUh1wh OeHhE5nhzcuXB8PkfxftabQ1t3G4pGkjD2BJ75e3WxQCTuGqBXOq2DNAZ8Z

  • KLR650 Oil type:

There is oil that possesses a different type of gradings & it will be further explained through the below chart on popular gradings for KLR650 oil:

wd3yPWSa8TbVg2r2m9ZmpODSOpfgNgDbfCUdnbJ0eMOW hCFt7wct3gsVlE8A4rNz0Mw4BXIFlNo4U3uEDgImtQV4elhkyEEJ81R2W6E0UDIKh7lnVqXUmegnCOWgFqAqdg

Comparison while choosing the oil for KLR650


The manual states that the consumers should use SAE 10W40 as an engine oil for the vehicle but some of the reviews state that 15W40 & 20W50 can be used. However, it will be explained below which oil could be chosen for KLR650:

The key reason to choose this product is that it helps to accommodate different types of temperatures especially while traveling during summer or winter. 10W40 has of lower viscosity grade compared to 20W50 which mainly helps during colder or winter conditions.

Both 10W40 & 15W40 can be used during similar temperatures eg: 40’ C. The significant difference between 10W40 is that it is possible to use in older engines which has an impact on avoiding oil burning or leaking. It is more popular because it has been in the market for quite some time & manufacturers do recommend it by mentioning it in the manuals.

The specs/ features that would encourage consumers to buy would be that it helps to enhance performance on vehicles by maintaining higher power output & also sharing protection through synthetic technology.

Features and Benefits:

  • Higher level of performance.
  • Through initiating advanced engine oil which helps to attain an extraordinary level of performance. And helps to protect against difficult operating conditions. Engine life & Fuel efficiency.
  • Provides an extensive usage of engine life & minimizes malfunction in high-performance vehicles.


  • While traveling in extremely lower temperatures, 10W40 will be kind of difficult to operate the engine.

Overall this is suitable engine oil that can be used because some consumers are using it quite often while changing oil & even manufacturers do recommend it in their manuals.


The main reason to choose 15W40 is that it helps to control the flow of oil during hotter conditions. It is comparatively better than 5W40 mainly during warmer climates. A similarity between 10W40 & 15W40 is that both can be used for engines that have higher mileage.

Furthermore, 15W40 has a slight advantage in terms of providing an extended engine life, and protection against wear & tear especially in severe road conditions. It is popular among some users because of its quality & flexibility to use in different environments. Consumers will be encouraged to purchase 15W40 because it reduces wear & tear.

Features and Benefits:

  • The high expectancy of the engine 15W40 certainly helps to have an extended span of usage in terms of the engine which will make consumers spend less.
  • The lower level of wear and tear.
  • This feature is quite important because vehicles do travel plenty of mileage & get worn out during different conditions. Hence, by reducing the wear and tear, they can use it for a longer time.


  • Based on a review states that 15W40 requires a shorter time to change the oil.
  • Also, it finds it difficult to start during colder conditions.

However, this engine oil can be used to receive a good level of performance but certainly, it has a few problems, especially during colder conditions
KLR650 Oil Filter Details

Oil Filter location

It is possible to spot the oil filter location by looking at the right side of the bike.

  • KLR650 oil filter cover:

While looking at the right side of the bike, at the bottom is where you can see the filter cover.

  • KLR650 oil filter frame:

It is possible to put a small pan under the oil filter while little oil spills out or to place a cloth over the frame of the bike under the filter cover.

  • KLR650 oil filter part number:


  • KLR 650 oil filter bypass tube:

The bypass tube is important because it helps the existing oil to drain out onto the pan .

Powerstroke oil change cost

Oil Drain Pan – High capacity

The oil drain pan costs around $2.97 for quart 7 but it costs 23.46 for 23 quarts

KLR650 oil drain plug

  • KLR 650 oil drain plug size:

12MM Magnetic oil drain plug

  • Oil Drain Plug Part Number:


  • Oil Drain Plug Torque Value:

17 ft-lbs

KLR650 Oil change Procedure

There are a couple of steps to follow in order to change the oil for KLR650:

Step -1: Warm up the engine for a couple of minutes for the existing oil to flow.

Step – 2: Remove the fill cap to make it easier to drain the oil.

Step – 3: Identify the drain bolt underneath & place a pan at the bottom to receive the oil.

Step – 4: Replace the drain bolt and the crush washer after the oil drains out. Then torque the drain bolt for around 20 pounds.

Step – 5: Make use of a socket around 10mm to remove the two bolts that hold the oil filter cover

Step – 6: Remove the oil filter and the dowel from the center of the filter.

Step – 7: Insert the dowel into the new oil filter then insert the filter into the engine with the grommet facing out.

Step – 8: Replace the oil filter cap by tightening down the 10mm bolts.

Step – 9: Fill the engine with oil, KLR650 takes around 2.6 quarts of oil.

Step – 10: After replacing the fill cap, run the engine for a few minutes to make sure that the oil flows.

However, the steps to change the oil for KLR650 are the same or similar to all models. If you do require further understanding, please check the below video which further provides more information:

Summary – My Final Advice For You

Through this article, it was explained on the suitable oil that can be used for KLR650 while providing alternatives, especially the individuals who have reviewed which also can be used for KLR650.

Moreover, in explains the step-by-step process of how the oil can be replaced & ensuring to take safety precautions by keeping ready the tools needed for the replacement. Finally explaining the type of engine oil that can be used for KLR650 & how it impacts the timeline for the engine to run smoothly as well as effectively.