Best Battery for Ram 1500

Car batteries are always long durable performers. But, it may damage or lose its strength after years of use. If your car battery becomes less powerful, you can face problems starting the engine. Besides, you may get slow performance during travel with your vehicle.

In general, a car needs to replace the battery two or three times in its lifetime. Most people replace their car battery after using it for three to five years. You can check one time in a year to keep your car battery healthy too.

When you need to replace a car battery, you must know their group size. Thus, we are going to share the best battery for Ram 1500 in this article. After learning details, you become proficient in buying a suitable battery for your Ram 1500 truck.

What size battery is suitable for the Ram 1500 truck?

Among all the trucks, Dodge Ram 1500 has reliable performance. But, the batteries of this truck may damage after a long time of use. Then you need to replace the battery to start the truck well. But, you should know the suitable group size to replace your truck battery.

So, when you are going to replace the battery of your Ram 1500, know the group size first. Generally, group size 65 batteries are the best fit for Ram 1500 trucks. But you can use different group size batteries too.

Thus, you can use group sizes 24, 24F, 27, 48. H7 batteries for Ram 1500 trucks. Besides the group size, there are a lot of things you should consider to replace a car battery. Let’s go through with the best battery for Ram 1500 to make your selection easier.

Comparison Table

Image Product Name Group Size   Warranty Price
backpac Odyssey 65-PC1750T Automotive and LTV Battery 65 3 Years Check Price
backpac ACDelco Gold 65AGMHRC High Reserve Battery 65 3 Years Check Price
backpac Duralast Gold 24-DLG Battery 24 3 Years Check Price
backpac Vmaxtanks MR107-85 Deep Cycle Battery 24 3 Years Check Price
backpac ACDelco Gold M24AGMC Battery 24 2 Years Check Price
backpac Duralast Gold 27-DLG Battery 27 3 Years Check Price
backpac DieHard Gold 800 CCA Battery H7 3 Years Check Price

7 Best Battery for Ram 1500

As the Ram 1500 are high-quality trucks, their batteries are powerful too. ACDelco, Odyssey, Duralast are such popular who manufacture sturdy car batteries. In this part of this blog, we will reveal the strength of various Ram 1500 batteries. Let’s go through the next to gain advanced knowledge of Ram 1500 truck batteries.

1 – Odyssey 65-PC1750T Automotive and LTV Battery


The ODYSSEY PC1750T batteries are the top choices for Ram 1500 trucks. The group size of this battery is 65. The batteries are incredible to provide long durable performance. Besides, this Odyssey battery takes 4 to 6 hours to get fully charged.

Moreover, this ODYSSEY automotive battery can perform well both in cold and warm weather. The battery can tolerate -40 degrees celsius to 40 degrees Celsius temperature. Besides, this product has a vibration-resistant option with high cranking power.

Including the tolerance capacity of this 65 group size battery, you will get long durable performance. The power of this battery is about 12 volts with 65 amps. Besides, this product provides 4 years full replacement with 3 years limited warranty.


  • Brand: Odyssey Battery
  • Model: 65-PC1750T
  • Manufacturer: Odyssey Battery
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Amperage: 65 amps
  • Material: brushed
  • Weigh: 58 pounds
  • Dimension: 10.9 x 7 x 7.8 inches
  • Composition: Lead-Acid, AGM
  • Warranty: 3 Years (Limited)
  • Long durable performancenQuick rechargenVibration resistantnFlexible mountingnAffordable pricenTolerable in different temperaturenUniversal fitnHigh cranking capacitynAutomotive terminalsnLTV battery
  • Heavy in weight than other batteries

2 – ACDelco Gold 65AGMHRC High Reserve Battery

ACDelco Gold 65AGMHRC High Reserve Ba

The ACDelco Gold 65AGMHRC battery has outstanding performance Ram 1500 trucks. Also, this battery includes fuel-saving technology with no maintenance costs. You will get six numbers of cells inside of this vehicle battery.

With only 45.8 pounds of weight, this battery can provide a long time charge for your vehicle. Besides, you can get a special application from this battery to set almost every car. Also, the battery is a good design to deliver 100 percent leak-free performance.

This ACDelco Gold battery is also from a 65 group size to run different vehicles. Moreover, the battery is rechargeable and also corrosion-resistant. Besides, this battery minimizes water consumption to provide continuous performance.


  • Brand: ACDelco
  • Model: Gold
  • Manufacturer: ACDelco
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Amperage: 70 amps
  • Group Size: 65
  • Exterior: Machined
  • Weigh: 45.8 pounds
  • Dimension: 11.8 x 7.55 x 7.45 inches
  • Reserve Capacity: 150 minutes
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Suitable for different vehiclesnLong-lasting materialnEasily rechargeablenSix different cellsnLight in weightnEasy to fitnCorrosion-resistantnLess use of waternLeak-free performancenProfessional automotive AGM batterynGlass mat separator
  • Take time to recharge than other batteries

3 – Duralast Gold 24-DLG Battery

Duralast Gold 24 DLG Battery

Duralast Gold Batteries have extraordinary performance in different temperatures. This car battery can deliver maximum cold-cranking for your vehicle. You will love to get this Dodge Ram 1500 battery for its reserving capacity too.

This battery has a high-quality design and construction material. The polypropylene construction of the battery reduces the damage possible from the vibration. Also, this product is famous for its vibration resistance capacity.

The manufacturer includes a maximum number of plates and grids for generating the highest power. Thus, the battery provides a smooth start for a vehicle. Besides, this battery has carry handles and safety caps to ensure safety.


  • Brand: Duralast
  • Model: Gold
  • Manufacturer: Duralast
  • Voltage: 12 volts DC
  • Cold-cranking amps: 750
  • Cranking amps: 935
  • Group Size: 24 and 24F
  • Weight: 42.4 pounds
  • Length: 10.25 inches
  • Reserve Capacity: 130 minutes
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Removable caps for safetynPresence of carrying handlenVibration resistancenCold-cranking ampsnAccurate staring powernPolypropylene constructionnMaximum plates and gridsnLight in weightnBest suite for carsnCan work different temperature
  • It is not an AGM battery

4 – Vmaxtanks MR107-85 Deep Cycle Battery

Vmaxtanks MR107-85 Deep Cycle Battery

The Vmaxtanks MR107-85 is a heavy-duty Battery with an AGM electrolyte suspension system. These high-performing batteries are popular for marine or boats too. Besides, the manufacturer has designed this battery with lead-acid cell composition.

This Vmaxtanks 85 AH battery also has the capacity for deep cycling. With the inclusion of float service life, the product can serve 8 to 10 years. Also, you will get the carry handle on this battery to keep them on your vehicles comfortably.

Moreover, you will get maintenance-free performance from the Vmaxtanks battery. Also, this battery does not generate risky fumes or gases. Thus, your Dodge Ram 1500 engine start and run smoothly.

The recharging capacity of the Vmaxtanks MR107-85 battery is faster than others. Moreover, the self-discharge rate of the battery is low. Furthermore, the product is cold weather, heat, and vibration resistant.


  • Brand: Vmaxtanks
  • Model: Gold
  • Manufacturer: Vmax USA
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Amperage: 85 amps
  • Group Size: 24
  • Number of cells: 6
  • Weight: 57 pounds
  • Dimension: 10.2 x 8.2 x 6.6 inches
  • Reserve Capacity: 160 minutes
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Quick recharge capacitynRun in different temperaturenVibration resistantnElectrolyte suspension systemnNo maintenance needednHazardous construction freenDeep cyclingnLow self-discharge ratenHeavy dutynSealed exteriornMicro process controlled chargernLow-pressure valve-regulated
  • A little bit more expensive than other batteries

5 – ACDelco Gold M24AGMC Battery

ACDelco Gold M24AGMC

Maintenance-free car batteries always deliver hassle-free performance. Thus, the Gold M24AGMC Battery from the brand ACDelco has become popular among users. Because you do not need any maintenance work for this battery.

Including the maintenance-free feature, the product has durable performance. This battery includes AGM technology that does not need water to refill. Besides, you will not find any leaks and spills from the battery.

Moreover, the high-density plates with lead calcium composition keep the valve system durable. And also, the battery is vibration resistant to generate maximum power output for your Ram 1500 engine.


  • Brand: ACDelco
  • Model: Gold
  • Manufacturer: ACDelco
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Terminal: Marine Terminal
  • Group Size: 24
  • Weight: 44 pounds
  • Cell Composition: Lead Calcium
  • Exterior: Machined
  • Dimension: 10.3 x 7.9 x 6.9 inches
  • Reserving Capacity: 140 mins
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Maintenance-free batterynAbsorbed glass mat technologynVibration resistantnNo water requirednDeep cycle performancenLeakproof valve systemnHigh-density plate oxidenMaximum power outputnFunction for general motorsnReduce water consumptionnLong durable
  • Expensive than other Ram 1500 batteries

6 – Duralast Gold Battery, 27- DLG

Duralast Gold Battery, 27- DLG

Duralast Gold 27-DLG battery is the best in class with polypropylene construction. This battery is handy with vibration resistance too. Besides, you can get the maximum number of plates and grids from this battery to get the highest power during start-up.

Additionally, this Duralast Gold 27-DLG battery has the maximum reserve capacity. Also, this battery includes cold-cranking amps. Also, you must like to get the sturdy construction of this battery to have durable performance.

Moreover, this Duralast gold battery has a unique design to improve its performance. Also, you will find the positive and negative terminal locations from the top of this battery. So, this battery is also can be a good choice for your Ram 1500 truck.


  • Brand: Duralast
  • Model: Gold
  • Manufacturer: Duralast
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Group Size: 27
  • Type: Automobile
  • Weight: 48 pounds
  • Length: 12 inches
  • Reserve Capacity: 130 minutes
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • High reserve capacitynVibration resistantnUnique designnTop terminal locationnCarry handlenA Maximum number of platesnCold-cranking ampsnAccurate starting powernSturdy materialnHazardous safenMaximum number of gridsnPolypropylene constructionnSpecially designed paste
  • Reserve capacity is averagen

7 – DieHard Gold 800 CCA Battery

DieHard Gold 800 CCA Battery

DieHard Gold 800 CCA Battery is a special product to generate power in every weather condition. That means you do not need to be worried during cold climates to start your vehicle engine. Besides, you can relax when the temperature is too hot to start your engine.

The manufacturer of the DieHard battery includes a maximum number of plates in the product. Also, this battery has a maximum number of grids to ensure power capability. If you need more power to generate, you can use the DieHard platinum battery too.

This DieHard battery is also maintenance-free, long-lasting, and reliable. Besides, you can get extraordinary performance for using the latest technology in the battery. Thus, the battery can provide 60 percent more electrical flow than other Ram 1500 batteries.


  • Brand: DieHard
  • Cranking Amperage: 1000 A
  • Cold-cranking amperage: 800 A
  • Manufacturer: DieHard
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Group Size: H7
  • Terminal type: Top mount
  • Dimension: 12.5 x 7.5 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 43 pounds
  • Reserve Capacity: 140 minutes
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Super reliable performancenAccurate starting powernHigh reserve capacitynPerform well in cold weathernMaintenance-freenCan run in hot temperaturenStamped grid technologynCorrosion-resistantnFree automotive battery testingnSuperior electrical flownFree installationnEnsure quick startnManufactured with greenhouse gas emission reduction
  • A little bit high in price


u003cstrongu003eHow long-lasting is a Ram 1500 battery?u003c/strongu003e

Depending on the usage and weather, a Ram 1500 battery lasts. Besides, the lasting duration also depends on the battery power and quality too. However, in general, the batteries last three to five years long.

u003cstrongu003eWhat is the cost of a Dodge Ram 1500 battery?u003c/strongu003e

There are different types of batteries available for Dodge Ram 1500 trucks. The price also varies according to the performance, reserve capacity, power, and other features. You can get a battery by spending 50 to 250 US dollars, and the installation charge is 20 to 30 US dollars.

u003cstrongu003eWhat is the voltage of a Ram 1500 battery?u003c/strongu003e

A 12 to 13 volts battery is enough for Ram 1500 trucks. If you want to use an extraordinary powered battery, you need to use high-volt batteries. Otherwise, 12 to 13 volts are enough to produce power for Ram 1500 trucks.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, we must want to say that car batteries are essential parts of a vehicle. You should keep a regular maintenance and check-up to get better performance from a battery. Unless you may find difficulties starting your car engine and running smoothly.

Thus, we have presented the best battery for Ram 1500 in the above part of the article. Here, we have shared the features of popular batteries for Ram 1500 trucks. ACDelco, Duralast, Vmaxtanks are such popular brands that manufacture high-performing batteries.

We hope that you have learned exceptional matters of car batteries. And, you are ready to purchase the perfect battery for your Ram 1500.