Best Oil For Ninja 300

Kawasaki Ninja 300 is a bike that is also known as a sports bike & indeed quite expensive. 2023 is the recent version that was launched & quite identical to the 2023 version, but it contains telescopic front forks, petal-type rotors & dual channel ABS.

Spending a huge amount on purchasing a bike requires good maintenance that will help the Kawasaki ninja 300 to be used over a lengthy period to avoid breakdowns. This article will explain the best oil for ninja 300 that would help to attain high performance & the factors which needs to be considered when selecting the best engine oil for ninja 300.

Oil Type, Capacity, Filter Size

Years Oil Types Oil Capacity Oil Filter Size 
2013 ninja 300 10w402.2 – 2.4 Liters2.6 x 2.6 x 3.27 inches
2014 ninja 300 10w402.2 – 2.4 Liters2.6 x 2.6 x 3.27 inches
2015 ninja 300 10w402.2 – 2.4 Liters2.6 x 2.6 x 3.27 inches
2016 ninja 300 10w402.2 – 2.4 Liters2.6 x 2.6 x 3.27 inches
2017 ninja 300 10w402.2 – 2.4 Liters2.6 x 2.6 x 3.27 inches
2018 ninja 300 10w402.2 – 2.4 Liters3.0 x 3.0 x 2.9 inches
2019 ninja 300 10w402.2 – 2.4 Liters3.0 x 3.0 x 2.9 inches
2020 ninja 300 10w402.2 – 2.4 Liters3.0 x 3.0 x 2.9 inches
2023 ninja 300 10w402.2 – 2.4 Liters3.0 x 3.0 x 2.9 inches
2023 ninja 300 10w402.2 – 2.4 Liters3.0 x 3.0 x 2.9 inches

Top 5 best engine oil for Kawasaki ninja 300

Ninja 300 is an expensive bike, so it is important to have a good flow of maintenance to improve its lifespan. Hence, we have mentioned below the top 5 best engine oil that can be used:

1 – Castrol Actevo

Castrol Actevo

The main reason to choose this product is when the engine is warming up, ordinary oils tend to drain off, but Castrol Actevo sticks on to the critical parts of the engine. Through Actibond Molecules, it acts as a protective layer to the engine but Motel 300V, Ipone Stroke 4 & Castrol Power 1 4T do not provide the same benefit.

In terms of features, Castrol Actevo & Ipone Stroke 4 helps to reduce weariness on the parts of the engine & it can also help to extend the lifespan. The main factor which differentiates Castrol Actevo is the immense level of protection during hot temperatures. It is more popular because consumers do believe that the product is of excellent quality & provides value for money.

The key specs/ features that will encourage users to buy would be in avoiding oil burnout circumstances during extreme weather conditions, helping to reduce weariness & product being of exceptional quality so that builds trust on the Brand.

Features & Benefits:

  • It helps to reduce wear and tear by around 70% when compared to other MA – 2 oils & improves overall lifespan
  • Provides immense protection during hot temperatures and avoids oil burnout in extreme weather conditions


  • Not suitable for big bikes based on a consumer review
Castrol Actevo user feedback

Around 87% of customers have reviewed the product as 5 stars which significantly states the quality, longevity & value for money.

2 – Castrol Power 1 4T

Castrol Power 1 4T

The main reason to select Castrol Power 1 4T is that it contains the “Power Release Formula” which is designed for bikers who are enthusiastic about riding. It is slightly better than some of the ordinary oils because it helps to initiate maximum power & reduces the impact on the internal parts of the engine. It has a similarity with Kawasaki 4-stroke engine oil where they both tend to achieve higher levels of performance.

The significant difference of Castrol Power 1 4T is that it helps to retain optimum wet clutch performance to ensure efficient transfer of power. Also, it helps to reduce internal losses of parts on the engine. It is less popular than competitor products because of the bad reviews from consumers such as less smoothness & mileage is low.

The key specifications that will allow users to consider would be to deliver & sustain maximum power, it is a high-priced product so consumers will expect it to be of excellent quality.

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed to sustain maximum power through extremely high operating rpm giving a slight advantage over its contemporaries.
  • It helps to reduce the impact created by the internal loss of the engine.


  • Oil thickness is comparatively low & less smooth as per the consumer review.
  • Mileage has dropped based on a consumer review.
  • Higher priced product.
Castrol Power 1 4T USER FEEDBACK

Castrol Power 1 4T has received positive reviews on Amazon as the best engine oil, but it has received plenty of drawbacks such as the impact of engine noises, etc.

3 – Kawasaki 4-stroke engine oil

Kawasaki 4-Stroke Engine Oil

The reason to choose Kawasaki 4-stroke engine oil is that it helps to operate your engine at the level of the highest performance. It also gives a higher performance as opposed to Motul 300V & Ipone stroke 4. A similarity between Castrol power 1 4T where they both tend to achieve superior power.

The significant difference between Kawasaki 4-stroke engine oil is that it operates in peak efficiency in terms of its performance which gives a slight advantage over competitors. It is popular because of the features it provides & it is price convenient, so consumers do have a higher chance of purchasing the product.

A user would purchase Kawasaki 4-stroke engine oil because it is of convenient price, the additive technologies provide enhanced performance especially in racing since that is what is being looked for & provides shear stability to attain in grade performance.

Features & Benefits:

  • It has been created with additive technologies which helps to provide superior performance.
  • Designed to operate at peak efficiency.


  • Based on a consumer review, it should be used in low cc bikes.

In a total of 323 reviews on Amazon, about 89% of customers have reviewed it as a 5-star & the product is price convenient.

4 – Motul 300V Ester Synthetic oil

Motul 300V Ester Synthetic oil

There are two reasons for choosing Motul 300V Ester because world-class racers use it & it helps to enhance maximum power. It provides stable oil pressure which is particularly important when proceeding at high speeds but Kawasaki 4-stroke engine oil & Ipone stroke 4 does not provide the same benefit. The common feature between Castrol Actevo & Motul 300V Ester is that they do maintain stable oil pressure to avoid damage to the bike.

The distinguished difference is that it has a reputation for passing wet clutch compatibility tests & higher lubrication properties which helps to anti-wear protection than the existing standards. It is also known as the best synthetic oil by some consumers & 0% shear loss through stable oil pressure has an impact, so it could be a reason for its popularity.

The key features to be considered would be the friction modifiers that generate maximum output, flexibility to use in the motor cross, road racing & bikes that possess 4-stroke engines.

Features & Benefits:

  • It helps to overcome 0% shear loss by enabling stable oil pressure.
  • Designed to modify friction to enhance maximum power.


  • It has a higher level of viscosity through a review of the consumer.
  • Facing difficulties while starting the vehicle.

Overall customers on Amazon have reviewed the product as a value for money & it is easy to remove which helps to function the engine more effectively. 91% have reviewed it as a 5-star & recommended it as a superb synthetic oil.

5 – Ipone Stroke 4 Synthetic oil

Ipone Stroke 4 Synthetic oil

The main reason to choose Ipone stroke 4 synthetic oil is that it helps to provide enhanced endurance, especially in long-form races. When doing a comparison, Ipone stroke 4 has a proven record in racing competitions, but other engine oils do not possess that benefit. In terms of similarities where Castrol Actevo & Ipone stroke 4 synthetic oil that helps to reduce weariness.

The significant difference between Ipone Stroke 4 synthetic oil is that it possesses endurance which can be helpful in 24 hours Endurance World championship competitions. It is not extremely popular but has a fair amount of recognition through renowned racing competitions.

The key features that a user checks would be that it is reliable & trustworthy because it is being used in world championships, association with popular brands will allow more consumers who are brand lovers to purchase the product & high-end customers who focus on luxury items will purchase it.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduces wearing & protects engine.
  • Helps to provide effective endurance.


  • It is comparatively expensive.
  • Customers have given lower numbers of reviews, so it can be less popular.

Through eBay, most of the customers have given positive reviews but quantitatively it has a lower number of feedback from the consumers.

FAQs About Ninja 300

How much oil does a ninja 300 take?

It would require around 1.8 to 2.4 liters of oil but do not pour it all at once. Pour it around 85% & the rest while looking at the level of the engine oil.

Can I run synthetic oil in my ninja 300?

Yes, it is possible to run synthetic oil since both are quite similar except Synthetic oil is of higher quality because of refining and purifying processes.

How many miles to oil change ninja 300?

The regular interval change is about 5k miles.

How often should you change oil for ninja 300?

It is better to change the oil every 5k miles.


Through this article, it can be derived that the best engine oil to consider would be Castrol Actevo which helps to reduce wear by around 70% which gives a good indication that it can be used very often. Moreover, the reviews that were provided by the customers on Amazon were comparatively higher than other products.

There is always an expectation that sports bikes must perform at their best & based on that, Kawasaki 4-Stroke engine oil helps your bike achieve the highest performance. Furthermore, the bike can be used over a lengthy period, so Kawasaki 4-stroke engine oil is the second best. Hence, the two of the above-mentioned engine oils are the best to be used in a Kawasaki Ninja 300.