Top Pros and Cons of Connected Cars

Every year the automobile industry introduces several changes and innovations based on modern technology. The way we use cars and even the way we think about cars is being changed thanks to the latest technology. The Internet is redefining every interaction man has with devices and gadgets around him.

Even things like cars and other automobiles can now connect to the internet; changing the way it processes. Connected cars are connected via the cloud generally known as the Internet of Things and in the automotive language it is called C-V2X (cellular vehicle to everything). These cars can connect to the internet and if there are other connected cars, they can also share data with them.

A new world of possibilities opens when these cars can also make autonomous decisions that are based on the received data. When choosing an internet connection that can keep you connected even with your car, choose only the best, Mediacom Internet, for example, is the perfect internet for you which provides top speed, no outage connection, and quick customer support, in case you need help. So don’t wait up, reach out to Mediacom now and get the plan that suits your pocket.

Coming back to the topic, if you’re still confused if you should go for a connected car or not, here are major pros and cons to consider.

1. Traffic Prediction

Traffic Prediction

Nobody wants to be late for work, back home from work, or to an important date. But when you don’t know what the traffic is like on the routes, there’s a high chance you can get stuck. Connected cars will be able to assess the real-time situation of traffic and assist you better in which route should be taken.

Of course, the required infrastructure is needed on the roads but once these cars become mainstream, that will be provided too. With these suggestions, the travel time will be reduced as so will the fuel consumption. In this way not only we’ll be able to spend less time on the road, but we’ll also manage to save a lot of money spent on energy.

2. Security Concerns

As with every technology finding its way into the daily lives of people, there are several security concerns related to connected cars as well. The biggest one is that these cars operate on the collection of huge amounts of data and this happens via their connection with the internet. Even though the makers of these cars and the related technology claim that it’s highly secure, still an organized hacking attempt can leak data.

This data has the driver’s personal information as well and a cyber attack can leak it to the wrong people. There is a need to create such a mechanism that these cars, even though connected to the internet, are protected from cyber-attacks and other related security breaches.

3. Good for the Environment

Good for the Environment

Traffic congestion is one of the biggest reasons for urban pollution. This can be easily controlled via connected cars. These cars can assess the situation of traffic thus suggesting the drivers take an alternative route with less traffic. The traffic will be reduced as it’s divided throughout the city instead of putting pressure on a few roads.

This then causes less pollution that is a result of traffic congestion. When there are enough infrastructure on roads, this communication between vehicles and roads can have a great impact on the traffic situation and the resultant pollution. Other than reduced emissions, when people will have to spend less on fuel, the overall energy consumption of the world can also be reduced.

4. Technical Issues

When cars are so adorned with technology, some sort of technical issues can happen. While these issues are normal with gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, refrigerators, ACs, etc, these can be dangerous with cars. Any glitch while the car is on the road can put the lives of passengers in danger.

This is more concerning with the feature of autonomous decision-making of connected cars. These might be able to make decisions based on data but human decision-making is based on more than just data. This intermix may not be the most harmonious interaction humans have had with machines.

5. Assistance in Emergency

Assistance in Emergency

While there are concerns, the connected cars laced with the internet and AI can save lives in case of emergency. The biggest help, in this case, will be making a call to the emergency responders in case there is an accident. When the car has AI and is connected via the internet, this can happen very easily.

Not only this, the cars can send the information to nearby cars as well so that someone can come for initial rescue and first aid. These cars also come with an alarm that can go off in case someone is trying to break into the car. This can alert the nearby people along with law enforcement authorities.

6. Improved Driving Experience

A seamless and enjoyable driving experience is one of the significant benefits offered by connected cars. With advancements in technology, vehicles are now equipped with a wide range of features that enhance convenience, connectivity, and entertainment for drivers and passengers alike.

Integration with smartphones and other devices:

Connected cars allow for seamless integration with smartphones and other devices, enabling drivers to access their favorite apps, music playlists, and contacts directly from the vehicle’s dashboard. This integration enhances convenience and reduces distractions by minimizing the need to handle smartphones while driving.

In-car entertainment and connectivity options:

Connected cars provide a plethora of entertainment options to passengers, making long journeys more enjoyable. Passengers can stream music, watch videos, or play games through the vehicle’s infotainment system. Additionally, Wi-Fi connectivity enables internet browsing and access to social media platforms, keeping occupants connected even while on the move.

Personalized settings and preferences:

Connected cars offer the ability to personalize various settings and preferences based on individual driver profiles. These profiles can include preferred seat positions, climate control settings, and even favorite radio stations. As a result, each driver can have a tailored driving experience with their preferred settings automatically applied upon entering the vehicle.

By providing integration with smartphones, a range of entertainment options, and personalized settings, connected cars significantly improve the overall driving experience for both drivers and passengers. These features not only enhance convenience but also contribute to safer and more enjoyable journeys, ultimately making driving a more pleasurable activity.


Connected cars are the future of the automobile industry and the benefits outweigh the cons. You’ll for sure want to invest in a car that not only saves you from traffic, and saves a lot of fuel money but can also save you in times of crisis.