What Is Repsol Honda Cbr

Repsol editions are quite popular in the market especially Honda CBR1000RR, because Repsol has closely worked with the brand Honda for more than two decades & the recent success. it has been achieved in motorcycle racing competitions proving how valuable the relationship among the brands is.

Honda has been involved in CBR1000RR through the Repsol edition but currently, there are no plans as such hopefully if Honda is willing to then there will be a new execution through the Repsol series.

Through this article, it will be explained on what is Repsol Honda CBR, the differences between a Repsol & a CBR. Finally concluding with which has a slighter advantage over the other.

What does mean by Repsol Honda CBR?

Honda has been producing bikes that are of CBR versions & Repsol CBR so there’s always a question on why the two types of bikes with different names. To clarify the confusion, Repsol is a lubricant manufacturer that sponsors Honda racing bike competitions.

What Is Repsol Honda Cbr

The reason why Repsol manufacturer sponsors is that they can advertise their name on the vehicle & simultaneously they do receive a large amount of publicity by getting a good coverage. It depends on the way how the logo or the brand is mentioned especially on the amount it is being sponsored for.

Hence, it has been involved in the MotoGP racing competitions for a long period & the brand Repsol has also created a reputation as a reliable bike in the market.

What is the difference between Repsol & CBR?

There are a couple of differences between a Repsol & CBR which will be mentioned below in detail. Furthermore, it will be also explained by comparing two similar products but with different brand names:

  • Fuel Efficiency

Honda CBR150R is more fuel efficient with a mileage of around 45 km but Honda Repsol CBR150R provides around 40 km.

  • Popularity

Honda CBR150R Repsol is more popular when compared to the Honda CBR150R. Especially through the rating panel from a website that states that around 8.7 stars have been given to Honda CBR150R Repsol but only 8.0 stars have been given to Honda CBR150R.

  • Engine CC

In terms of engine CC, the Honda CBR150R is comparatively higher than Honda CBR150R Repsol. Also, when it comes to the max power where the Honda CBR150R is better than Honda CBR150R Repsol.

  • Price

Honda CBR150R Repsol is certainly higher priced in the market because it is specifically targeted as a bike that is being sponsored in racing competitions but Honda CBR150R is lesser priced.

The Similarities between Repsol & CBR

  • Brand

Both CBR150R Repsol & CBR150R are associated with the main core brand that is known as Honda which usually originates in Japan.

  • Suspension

The suspension that is being used for Honda CBR150R Repsol & CBR150R is very similar, that is also known as Telescopic Suspension with a Monosock Coil which is indeed used for both.

  • Tire sizes
  • Honda CBR150R Repsol & CBR150R possess the same tire sizes such as the front tire is 100/80 – 17 & the rear tire appears to be 130/70 – 17. For both these sizes, NeoTires offers compatible options.Additional services

Despite both the bike’s names do appear differently but the services that are provided for both interprets the same for eg: the warranty adheres to 2 years, 4 free services will be provided & 3 paid services with a discount so the above-mentioned services would apply to both the bikes. Hence, the services are quite similar provided to both the bikes.

  • Dealers/ Showrooms

For both Honda CBR150R Repsol & CBR150R, the number of dealers or showrooms available are the same which leads to around 190 showrooms. Hence, it certainly can be noticed that the same number of dealers are available for both the sub-brand bikes.


it can be derived from what is Honda CBR150R Repsol & discussing the differences as well as the similarities between Honda CBR150R Repsol & Honda CBR150R. Moreover, while concluding it will be mentioned which would be the better option to proceed with.

The Honda CBR150R Repsol has some of advantages in terms of popularity & Max torque, especially through participation in popular racing competitions but Honda CBR150R slightly has an edge over Honda CBR150R Repsol when considering the below factors:

  • The fuel efficiency is better in Honda CBR150R compared to Honda CBR150R Repsol.
  • The engine CC is comparatively higher in Honda CBR150R as opposed to Honda CBR150R Repsol.
  • In terms of prices where Honda CBR150R is less costly but the Honda CBR150R Repsol is slightly expensive.

By considering the above factors, it can be concluded that Honda CBR150R is slightly better to purchase than Honda CBR150R Repsol so kindly leave your comments below by sharing your viewpoint.